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MoneyCoach is a free curriculum based entirely on short, animated videos, the most effective way to learn according to researchers. Who said education couldn't be effective and fun?

Is it really free?

Yup! All our videos are hosted on Youtube and our costs are less than $1,000 per year. Plus, our costs are covered by the revenue we get from Youtube advertising. But, even when it didn't, we covered it out of our own pockets. We consider MoneyCoach a public service and intend to fund it into perpetuity.

Can I use the videos?

In most cases, yes! The only thing we explicitly forbid you from doing is embedding our videos in your product or website unless the product is entirely free and designed for education. Otherwise, as long as you provide a link back to our website, feel free to link or embed our Youtube videos whenever and wherever. You don't even need to ask for permission!

Do you recommend products?

Yes! Unlike many other educational tools, we believe firmly that financial education without product recommendations is well... silly! We may tell you to open a bank account but if we don't tell you which one, that limits how actionable our content can be.

We are currently are not paid for the vast majority of what we recommend our website and we intend to keep it that way. To put it bluntly, we are not going to compromise our mission (free education) by recommending a worse product just to get paid. Not only is just the wrong thing to do, we just don't need to. Our costs are extremely low and covered by Youtube advertising!

Do you have stuff for teachers?

We sure do! Every video in the MoneyCoach curriculum has an associated, six-question quiz. You can download all of our quizzes here.

What students say
Thanks for your time, and the way you made this all so easy!
This is everything I needed and wish I had before my 1st time taking the Health insurance license exam. totally get it now, thank you!!
Wasn’t quite sure how Credit Cards worked until I saw this video. Thank you for posting this!
Thank you this was very helpful and informative 👍👍
Wow. Tbh this video makes school seem so useless.... they don't teach us anything we need in life.
I'm a 7th grade homeschooler wanting to learn about economics and how the world works, and this helped out A LOT. Thank you!
Wow that explained everything i needed to know in under two minutes
This channel is a blessing
Watching this as a 14 year old after I tried to get my mum and my maths teacher to explain how taxes work. Thanks, this is much better then what mum told me and my maths teacher taught me nothing on this.
Very helpful videos, I really wish we would have gotten this from of education in school. My life out of high school would have been way easier
Thank you so much for posting this video , you really helped me the most based on how to figure out tax returns terminologies meaning and also how they are mathematically applied on tax return auditing.
GREAT VIDEO, I have been watching a few of these today, and yours was the best yet. Thanks!
I’m taking a class called Money 101 and we’re “learning” about taxes but now I’m just sooooo much more confused. I keep getting frustrated so I’m watching this video and it explains it way better. Unlike in that class, the video doesn’t throw around random words I don't know about
Watching this as a 14 year old after I tried to get my mum and my maths teacher to explain how taxes work thanks this is much better then what mum told me and my maths teacher taught me nothing on this
That was the best n easiest way I heard someone explain taxes 👍
I know this may not mean a lot but I Love the diversity in the videos ... it really means a lot. It shows representation that we all go through
Like another commenter, I found this invaluable. It was the right details presented in an easy to digest format. Thank you!
These videos are simple and to the point. Thank you very much for offering this information for free. I wish I would of found MoneyCoach in high school, but now is better than never!
Thank you so much for this. I’m 17 1/2 and getting ready for the adult world.
If only SCHOOL would teach this! 😭😭😭
This is a great and informative video for people to understand the differences between debit and credit.
It should be mandatory for this to be shown in schools
As an adult, I used to still get confused by this.. until now lol
Just a 16 year getting ready for the real world don’t mind me
Very informative videos, thanks for creating them!
You explained how cashback worked really well. Thanks for the great points
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